Breast Reconstruction

breastcancerawarenessBreast Reconstruction is a type of surgery performed by a plastic surgeon and is for women who have had a mastectomy – single or bilateral. Most women who have had a mastectomy are able to undergo reconstructive surgery, however, electing to have reconstruction is a choice for each individual to make.

Why may a woman opt to have reconstructive surgery?
To make the breasts look balanced and natural,
To regain breast shape,
For positive effects on self-image, self-esteem, and feelings of sexuality,
As an alternative to wearing external breast forms.

Reconstructive surgery is performed using one of a few procedures:
TRAM Flap Procedure: uses tissue and muscles from the tummy to rebuild the breast. The procedure can decrease strength in the core, and can also result in tummy “tightening” (ie. A tummy tuck).
Implant Procedures: Implants are placed in a pocket made between the chest muscle (pectoris) and the rib. The type of implant used could be saline or silicone-gel. In some cases, expander implants may be used to allow saline solution to be added in small amounts at a given time, this allows the pocket made for the implant to expand and stretch at a slower rate.
Latissimus Dorsi Flap Procedure: uses muscle from the back of the shoulder blade which is brought around to the breast mound to help create a new breast. A section of skin, fat and muscle is detached from the back and brought to the breast area.

Finishing touch
Following the surgery, a non-invasive procedure can be performed to reconstruct your nipple-areola complex to give a natural look to the breast. This is usually the final phase of your reconstruction. Some surgeons do provide areola reconstruction, however, it is advisable that you look for a micropigmentation technician with a portfolio that you are impressed by. For some of the best nipple/aerola tattoos, Cure & Co. recommends Vinnie Myers or Amy Black.

Tattoo artist Amy Black aims to use her skills and creativity to make a big impact in a small space—specifically, in the two-inch circle where she creates realistic 3-D nipple tattoos for cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomies. Watch her TED-talk on how such a small space can make a massive impact on someone’s outlook and life as a whole! Click the link below!

The power of a 2-inch circle: Amy Black at TEDxRVA