Certified Custom Compression Fitters

Medi armsleeve

Sometimes our clients may not fit into an off the shelf compression garment or their therapists will want them to have a custom compression garment. When we think of these garments, we often think of arm and leg. We forget that trauma to the lymph nodes after surgery, such as lumpectomies or mastectomies, we can develop swelling of the torso, chest, breasts and back. Let our certified fitters get you into our comfortable and wearable garments that will help relieve swelling and fibrotic tissue. Our team of certified custom fitters will gladly measure and have a custom garment made just for you!


We now have the Medi compression garments and the Jovi Pitpak available which resembles small bean bags. This Jovipak was developed specifically to address a stubborn problem: long standing or woody fibrosis. Made from cotton/Lycra® fabric and filled with natural cherry pits, they provide a massaging action as the patient moves and the cherry pits settle into and soften the fibrotic tissue. These are available in-store only to ensure it’s the perfect purchase for you.

* If you are under the care of a therapist, make sure you bring your prescription in so that you may work as a team to get you the correct garment!

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