vibevixen-breast-cancer-ribbonAt Cure & Co. we understand what it’s like to lose your hair. That’s one of the most difficult parts of cancer treatment. As you undergo chemo the last thing that you should have to worry about is your appearance. Let Cure & Co.  ensure that you maintain your confidence and self-esteem. We offer a variety of hair-loss solutions including wigs, hats and caps, shampoo, conditioner,  and specialty services like color matching your wig to your natural hair color.

You Will Need:
·       Book your appointment for a wig fitting
·       Get scarves and sleep caps (at least 2 to alternate between wash and wear)
·       Ginger candy for nausea

Okay, so you have to do chemo. It sucks—we know—but here are a few tips to make your treatment more tolerable!

chemo●   Wear comfortable clothes
●   Bring warm socks, a pillow, a book, laptop, iPad, etc  to make the time go by faster! I brought a portable DVD player and decided to watch funny  movies with my “chemonturage” (The people that bring you to your chemo treatments).
●   Ginger Candy—Helps with nausea!
●   Sip on water with lemon or lemonade. Something about lemonade helps with nausea too!
●   You will get sleepy. It’s okay! Take a nap. your body needs rest.
●  Usually day 3, after your first chemo day, is the worst so plan accordingly! Have friends and family bring bring your food for that day. Have some good books and movies in hand. Have the house cleaned the day before. Nothing makes us feel better than when our house is clean and we know the family has food! It puts our minds to rest.
●   Neuropathy (numbness of hands and feet) can be a terrible side effect of certain chemotherapy treatments. Make sure you talk to your doctors. Let them know. Speak up! As a matter of fact, anything that bothers you must be addressed. Let them know and be your own advocate.
●   Need to talk to women that have gone through this? Call or e-mail us. We can give you more advice on how to “get through” this!

●   Take lip balm and body lotion to your chemo treatment. One side effect of chemo is very dry skin and lips. Lindi skincare formulas are made for people undergoing chemo treatment. They are all awesome! I tried many different lotions and potions and I’m a product junkie. Lindi during treatment was the BEST!

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