In-House Nipple/Aerola Tattoos

Kristi Chambers
In-house tattoo artist Kristi Chambers tattoos on new 3D nipples and areolas for breast cancer survivors who have had surgery to restore the shape of their breasts but still lack nipples. Obviously a tattoo can’t fully replace a physical nipple, but appearance of one can and does drastically change the way these women feel about their bodies

Kristi Chambers grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and is a graduate of Auburn University. She spent 12 years teaching at the Community College level before moving to Texas. She has been a resident of Sugar Land, TX for 6 years, is a mom to 3 children and a breast cancer survivor. After getting her own nipple/areola tattoos, Kristi was inspired to help other women feel whole again after breast cancer treatment. She has also worked with women who have lost pigment due to breast reduction surgery. Kristi was trained in micro pigmentation at Beau Institute and at Bonnie Hall Ink.

– Bilateral 3D tattoo: $695 for two sessions (touch-up included, if needed)
– Unilateral 3D tattoo: $495 for two sessions (touch-up included, if needed)

A  consultation is not required
*Other corrective procedures priced case by case.