Our Story

Sugar Land Magazine - Cure & Co. Cancer BoutiqueCure & Co was born after a trip to a local wig shop.  Our family couldn’t believe it was happening again, but it was.  Yet another beloved family member had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and we were helping her prepare for the inevitable effects of chemotherapy treatment.  As we walked into the wig shop with bars on the window, dim lighting, and countless mannequin heads, we knew all too well that women going through one of the most challenging chapters in their lives deserved more. We vowed that once our family had gotten through cancer once again, we would commit ourselves to providing women with a different option. And we have.

Step through the doors of Cure & Co and not only find all the necessary items needed to help make cancer treatment more manageable, but also an inviting, caring, and encouraging environment and staff committed to helping clients through each phase of the cancer process. Our goal is to help women adapt to the changes their bodies are going through and to find a way to make them feel beautiful and more like themselves during the journey. We’ve been there, and we will be there for you, too.

Cure and Company

Co-founders mother and daughter team rely on their own experiences with breast cancer, chemotherapy treatments, and reconstructive surgeries to help, advise, and council women of all ages battling cancer. Through education, compassion, and resources, Cure & Co empowers women and men to not just Survive, but THRIVE!
Our boutique offers:  Pre-Surgery Consultations, Post-Mastectomy Fittings, a Private Wig Salon, and an onsite Spa.
Come and browse our vast selection of wigs, bras, breast forms, head coverings, and specialty skincare.  We are your One Stop Survivor Shop.