Radiation: Prevent & Protect

If your doctor tells you that you will have to have radiation treatment, chances are for the next 6 weeks you will be at their mercy.
Here are a few great tips to prepare and prevent:

lindi skin

-Wear loose-fitting shirts, preferably cotton.
– Use warm rather than hot water while showering .
– Avoid harsh soaps that have fragrance; instead use Lindi Skin body wash and body lotion.
– For extremely dry and irritated skin, use Lindi Skin soothing balm—It works wonders!
– Prepare your skin to receive radiation by applying Miaderm water-based, radiation therapy cream 1-2 weeks before your first treatment. Continue to apply Miaderm 3-4 times a day.


amoena frances bra

– Invest in 2-3 radiation bras. They have built in aloe vera and are double lined so that you don’t mess up your clothes when you are marked for radiation. They have two hidden pockets, also, that can be used to put ice packs in to cool the skin.
– Lindi Skin offers aloe vera gel sheets. These non-stick sheets are placed in the fridge and can be cut to size and reversed to help immediately sooth hot, irritated skin. This is a client favorite!
– Prevent and Protect rather than trying to fix the problem



– Do not use Aquaphor!! Imagine your skin as the skillet, Aquaphor as the “grease”, and radiation as your fire. Ready to cook? We think not!
– During radiation, it’s best to keep the treated area completely out of the sun.
– Wear a bathing suit with a high neckline and a cober-up when you’re not in the water. Also, wear an over-sized cotton shirt to cover the treated area and allow it to breathe.
– Avoid Chlorine. Chlorine is very drying and can make your skin reaction worse!

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