Recommended Nipple/Aerola Tattoo Artists

Vinnie Myers
Tattoo artist Vinnie Myers provides an awesome and important style of tattooing for breast cancer survivors who have had surgery to restore the shape of their breasts but still lack nipples. Myers is able to ink on new 3D nipples and areolas and is so good at it that women come from all over world for the “Vinnie-style” session. Obviously a tattoo can’t fully replace a physical nipple, but appearance of one can and does drastically change the way these women feel about their bodies

Vinnie Myers
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Amy Black
In addition to a full variety of tattoo styles, Amy began working in another field of tattooing lesser known to the mainstream public in 2011, known as “nipple and areola repigmentation” or “nipple and areola tattooing” as a part of breast reconstruction for patients post mastectomy due to breast cancer or getting a prophylactic mastectomy due to testing positive for a breast cancer gene. The only technique to recreate the natural coloring is through tattooing, and Amy is able to do many variations of coloring and create the illusion of realistic nipples and areola textures and shapes and sizes with tattooing. She currently works with patients who come to her tattoo studio, and also in conjunction with plastic surgeons throughout the Virginia area and beyond to help patients receive their desired reconstructive results for their breast(s).

amy black


Tattoo artist Amy Black aims to use her skills and creativity to make a big impact in a small space—specifically, in the two-inch circle where she creates realistic 3-D nipple tattoos for cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomies. Watch her TED-talk on how such a small space can make a massive impact on someone’s outlook and life as a whole! Click the link below!

The power of a 2-inch circle: Amy Black at TEDxRVA