Wig Q&A

– How should a wig fit?
Your wig should be snug to fit, but not so tight that it leaves marks or is uncomfortable to wear all day long.

– How do I schedule a wig fitting? 
To schedule, just call us at (281) 265-0533. Appointments made on Schedulicity.com may be misleading because they fill up quickly with spa services. There are often still fitting appointments available, so calling is your best bet to get all the information you need!

– How do I maintain a wig?
Wash your wig regularly.  Do not let your wig come in contact with direct heat (180 or hotter).  Do not cook while wearing your wig, use hot curling irons or blow dryer.  Do not over brush your wig.  Most wigs come with a specific style and do not require a lot of brushing.

– How often do I wash my wig?
If you wear your wig everyday, wash it once every 3 to 4 weeks or 20 to 25 wearings. Jon Renau offers a great tutorial for how to wash and style your wig to ensure it looks good for the long haul. Cure & Co. offers wig wash & style services starting at $30 and will be ready in 24-48 hrs. Contact us at 281-265-0533 to schedule your services today!

– Does my insurance pay for my wig?
Some insurance companies do reimburse for hair/cranial prosthesis.  You will need a medical prescription from your doctor and we write the sale receipt the same way.  You should always contact your insurance company to see if any other forms are needed.

– What is the difference between human hair and synthetic wigs?
Human hair wigs can be cut, styled and colored as needed.  Human hair wigs need to be styled on a daily basis whereas a synthetic wig’s style remains after every washing and needs very little maintenance.  A human hair wig will react negatively to humidity and rain just as your own hair does.  A synthetic wig bounces back after a rainstorm and humidity does not affect it at all. Cure & Co. offers custom made human hair wigs. Please contact us for further information by calling 281-265-0533!